The Gathering was started by a group of Christians who desire to live as disciples and reach out and the love the people in the Five Forks Community. Our vision is to live in authentic, transparent community and grow while we are gathered, so that we can live as true disciples when we are scattered during the week in our jobs, schools, and activities. 

What To Expect:



We believe worship is not a "spectator-sport." We desire to be a place where people can freely worship. We include music, videos, drama, comedy, and more in our services to help us engage in worship.

Practical Teaching

We believe when you leave the church to enter the mission field each week you should have some practical ways in which to use what you have heard on Sundays.
We GATHER each week so that we can SCATTER and impact our community.

Welcoming to All

We welcome everyone to join us for our worship experience. Since we are a just starting, we are growing as a community of faith. Those who are 2nd grade and up usually join us in the service, but we have a room for the younger kids, toddlers, and newborns.

Since our start, The Gathering has sought to be a place where people can grow and connect during the week. In the summer, The Gathering began a partnership with The Crossover Cups Mission project in the Dominican Republic taking 16 people to the northern area of the country to help plant churches and minister to children in the area. This area is #4 in the world for human trafficking.  

Just over a year ago, we held our first community worship service. Our official launch is January 2019! Between now and then, we have monthly corporate worship gatherings and weekly small community groups. If you'd like more information on these, email Jack.


Our Mission:

Bringing our neighbors into a caring, relational community where we Live in Grace, Grow in Faith, & Go into all the World to make disciples.

Five Forks is one of the fastest growing areas of Greenville County with a high percentage of unconnected people.
Within 3 miles of center, there are over 55,000 homes.
There are only a handful of communities of faith within this 3 mile radius and with the population, there is a major need for more.
— Jack Eason, Teaching and Vision Pastor